About us

Code School Finland is the leading private company in Finland teaching programming to children and adults in Finland. Our programming classes started in 2014 and our course contents have been approved by the Finnish National Agency for Education to match the objectives set by the criteria for programming in the Finnish national core curriculum for primary education. Our offering is based on advanced pedagogical approach and a wide content portfolio. In addition to teaching children and students, Code School Finland also teaches teachers. Programming was included in the Finnish national primary school core curriculum in 2016 so teachers need to be taught how to teach algorithmic thinking and programming in schools. We offer pre-packaged courses and customized teaching for school teachers. Every semester, Code School Finland teaches hundreds of students in our classes, camps and workshops. We operate in our own promises, school classrooms and play parks. In addition we run remote teaching classes internationally with the help of a state-of-the-art video presence system. We utilize our classroom course contents modified to suit different cultures and markets.